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Oleksandr Nazarko
Global Agro Finance

Summer camps for keeping cows in winter - advantages and disadvantages

Many farmers keep animals in summer camps, and many do so in winter. Exercise for cows. Fresh air. Reduced care costs? Is it really that…

Gеorgiі Kukhaіleshvili
Association of Milk Producers

Between proficit and deficit: an overview of the global dairy market

Despite the decrease in prices for milk raw materials in Europe, too much export supply for dairy products and weak demand on foreign markets, attractive…

Kornelis Huizinga is recognized as the 2022 GFN Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award recipient for informing the world community about the war in Ukraine

Congratulations to Kornelis “Kees” Huizinga on getting the GFN Kleckner Global Farm Leader Awar. 

  • Monday, 5 December 2022

The share of industrial milk in the processing structure exceeded 80%

Despite the difficult wartime conditions, industrial farms continue to work on animal productivity, quality and safety of raw milk.

  • Thursday, 1 December 2022

Monitoring of milk prices: stabilization should be expected in December

  • Monday, 28 November 2022

As of November 1, cow herd losses in the domestic sector are 1.5 times higher than in the industrial sector

According to preliminary data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, as of November 1, there are 2 million 584.3 thousand heads of cattle in Ukraine, which is 14% less than on the corresponding date in 2021. Including, 927.7 thousand cattle (-6.9%) are kept in industrial farms, and 1656.6 thousand (-17.5%) in households.

  • Friday, 25 November 2022

WE ARE HERE UNTIL THE END: TOV "AF Kyivska" and PSP "Kolos". Farms continue to work.

❝If the active phase of the war continues until the end of the year, the losses of the industrial dairy sector of Ukraine may amount to 100,000 cows. This is roughly a quarter of all industrial livestock. However, we expect that there will be no significant collapse or shortage of dairy raw materials and dairy products on the territory of Ukraine. Farms continue to work. And even when communicating with farms located in the frontline zones, we hear one message: WE ARE HERE UNTIL THE END ❞, - says Hanna Lavreniuk, general director of the Association of Milk Producers.

  • Wednesday, 23 November 2022

77 dairy enterprises from the de-occupied territories will receive financial support from the Swiss Government

Switzerland allocated funding to support milk production farms in those regions affected by hostilities, namely: in Chernihiv, Kyiv and Sumy regions.

  • Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Substantial reduction in the export of dairy products in October

Exports of dairy products in October decreased as expected, although no one expected such a significant decline. The main reason was the fall in the prices of dairy products on the world market, - says the analyst of the Association of Milk Producers Yana Linetska.

  • Monday, 7 November 2022

The work of the electronic booking office for workers in the agricultural sector has been improved

  • Wednesday, 2 November 2022

We keep the farm and the line! How dairy farm LLC Peremoha (Cherkasy region) accepts the challenge of power failure

The invaders are attacking the country's energy system. How does this affect the operation of the dairy farm and the cost of raw milk? Do milk producers have an action plan in case of force majeure? Replies the director of the company Dmytro Solomakha.  

  • Thursday, 27 October 2022

Monitoring of milk prices: the positive trend persists despite energy obstacles

In the second half of October, purchase prices for milk from industrial farms continued their upward trend.

  • Thursday, 27 October 2022