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Summer camps for keeping cows in winter - advantages and disadvantages

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Between proficit and deficit: an overview of the global dairy market

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We sincerely thank the company Biochem, a German producer of feed additives for all types of animals, for the humanitarian

We sincerely thank the company Biochem, a German producer of feed additives for all types of animals, for the humanitarian aid provided to Ukrainian dairy cattle, pig and poultry farms in the occupied and de-occupied territories.

A significant number of livestock farms suffered substantial destruction of production buildings, feed shops and buildings for keeping animals during hostilities. But many of them still managed to save and preserve the most important thing - livestock.

The Biochem company, which has been operating in the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years, responded to our request to help in this difficult time and provided a number of the most necessary drugs to support the health and vitality of animals, to preserve their productivity as much as possible, and to reduce the economic burden on farms.

The provided products are certified and highly effective drugs of the new generation in their class, including unique bacterial phytase, which increases the availability of phosphorus from raw materials; protected choline, which provides cows with the necessary energy during early lactation, reduces the likelihood of many diseases; water-soluble feed supplement for pigs and poultry to prevent heat stress and liquid micromineral premix of chelates for all types of animals.

These products will start further reproduction . Appropriate storage and transportation of aid was provided by AMP's permanent logistics partner - LLC DK VET.

From the first days of war, AMP, UAC and ASSOCIATION "PIG BREEDERS OF UKRAINE" have been collecting and delivering veterinarian aid to dairy and pig farms within the international charity fund SaveUA , with the approval of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and with the support of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP).

We invite to cooperation companies, organizations and foundations that have the ability and desire to support Ukrainian farms affected by the war!

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