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Three servings of dairy products a day is a key dietary recommendation for Americans

In the updated Nutrition Guidelines of the US Department of Health 2020-2025, dairy products are allocated to a separate food group. The group of recommended dairy products includes low-fat milk and skimed milk, cheese, yogurt and lactose-free products.

This was reported by the press service of the Association of Milk Producers.

The purpose of the US Department of Health's Nutrition Guidelines is to develop healthy eating habits to improve the nation's health and prevent disease. This year, the recommendations confirmed the importance of dairy products:

 • for adults - 2.5 servings / day,

 • for children 9-18 years - 3 servings / day,

 • for vegetarians - 3 servings / day.

 1 serving = 1 cup (230-250 ml) of yogurt or milk = 40 g of hard natural cheese.

Nutrition guidelines for Americans are published every 5 years by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) along with the Department of Health (HHS) and Social Services. These recommendations are used by the government when setting standards for, in particular, school meals, as well as social and other programs.

In general, the document recommends that the government focus on healthy eating to develop a healthy eating habit.

In Ukraine, from January 1, 2021, there is a new Sanitary Regulation on school nutrition, according to which dairy products are also issued in a separate paragraph. It is important in the regulations that children should receive at least 3 servings of milk and dairy products a day, and even with a single meal - at least one dairy product.

We are glad that Ukraine is adopting a successful international experience. Finally, healthy eating habits are becoming a national task, and dairy products have a chance to take a worthy place in the diet of children in our schools.

Source: The National Dairy Council Magazine, January 25, 2021