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The Armenian delegation visited TOV "KYSCHENZI" and met with AMP representatives

During the official visit on November 2, the Armenian delegation visited a member of the Association of Milk Producers TOV "Kyschenzi" and met with representatives of AMP.

The visit of the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Arman Khojoyan and the Ambassador of Armenia to Ukraine Volodymyr Karapetуan began with a working meeting with the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko to discuss a wide range of trade and economic cooperation first in the field of cattle breeding, fodder production, export to Armenia.

In addition, during the working visit, the Armenian delegation together with the Director of the Department of Agrarian Development of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Igor Vishtak, visited one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine, TOV "Kishchentsi" (Dobra village, Uman district, Cherkasy region). The farm is a member of the Association of Milk Producers and, in addition to dairy farming, is successfully engaged in pig farming, growing cereals and industrial crops, vegetables and fruits. The members of the delegation also met with representatives of the Association of Milk Producers.    

During the visit to TOV "Kishchentsi", the representatives of the Republic of Armenia got acquainted with the dairy direction of the farm. During the conversation with the General Director of AMP Hanna Lavreniuk, they were especially interested in the steps and results of establishing a public-private dialogue between farms and relevant authorities, opportunities for cooperation in the exchange of experience, organization of educational programs and trainings. Innovative training center for operators, specialists and managers of dairy farms - Dairy Center Kischenzi. During this time, more than 2,000 participants from neighboring countries took part in training courses and programs.   

Oleksandr Valiebnyi, Head of AMP's International Cooperation Department, Dairy Global Experts, spoke about the factors and preconditions for the rapid dynamics of cattle breeding and the prospects for the export of breeding animals from Ukraine.

The parties expressed confidence in the importance of establishing exchange of experience, dialogue and deepening cooperation.

"Agricultural enterprises perform a serious diplomatic mission: to promote the achievements of the Ukrainian agricultural sector and Ukraine in general, to prove the validity of the trust of existing and potential partners. Kischenzi Agriculture is not the first year among the agrarian ambassadors of Ukraine (for which a huge thank you to the whole farm team!) - and the understanding of this role and the range of such farms is increasing in all regions of Ukraine!” - said Hanna Lavreniuk.

Press service of the Association of Milk Producers