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Milk market overview in Ukraine and the world

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Resetting of the State Property Fund: transparently and professionally. What are the opportunities for business and communities?

There are more than 3,600 state-owned enterprises in Ukraine. Proof of the ineffectiveness of such a system is that more than 1,000 of these facilities cannot be restarted - they must be liquidated. For example, in Poland - less than a hundred state-owned enterprises, in most successful countries - up to ten.

"More than 28 million square meters of state-owned premises in Ukraine are either not used or are used "opaque methods". However, now it makes sense to privatize about 1,000 state-owned objects in order to fight corruption, attract effective investments, create jobs, " - said Kostiantyn Koshelenko, Deputy Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, in his speech as part of the evening events "My business - my country" during the first module of the training program "Strengthening business associations of small and medium enterprises" of the UNDP and the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine on the basis of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

The new team of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, which began operations in 2019, is confident and proves that transparent and profitable privatization is possible. Just the facts:

2019: 1634 objects worth UAH 561 million were privatized.

2020: comparable number of objects 1899, but UAH 3030 million attracted! A client-oriented network of the Fund's divisions has been created.

Now the Fund offers not only the possibility of privatization of state-owned objects, but also rent on the basis of an auction.

The new sites of the State Property Fund - and - work on the principle of a single marketplace: with comprehensive information about each object, with filters, virtual data rooms and tips in the form of "privatization trajectory".

AMР supports confident steps towards transparency and customer orientation of the State Property Fund.

We invite all those interested in buying or leasing state property, in order to create new efficient enterprises and jobs, to use the Fund's online tools – та

An important initiative of the Fund is the draft law of Ukraine 4572, which in particular proposes to direct 10% of privatization to the development of local communities, 20% - to the development of the balance holder.

What opportunities for business and communities does the state property privatization program open and how to use these opportunities - in the recording of the speech of the Deputy Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine Kostiantyn Koshelenko, which is available at: