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British significant agrarian "Farmers Weekly Awards 2022" was given to Ukrainian farmers

British significant agrarian "Farmers Weekly Awards 2022" was given to Ukrainian farmers this year. The president of the Association of Milk Producers Andriy Dykun thanked the organizers and called on farmers from all over the world to join in helping Ukrainian farmers from the de-occupied territories of Ukraine, so that they have a chance to survive this war.

In an address to the international community, Andriy Dykun notes that the current situation in the agricultural sector of Ukraine is extremely difficult, as we do not have the opportunity to sell our products, their prices are too low.  

"Despite the "Istanbul Agreement", the situation is very difficult for all farmers in my country. But we are all in different situations. Because we have agricultural enterprises located in the occupied territories. The Russians destroy farms, steal their equipment, prevent them from going out into the fields.  

And there are those who are in the de-occupied territories. They lost almost everything: equipment, crops. 

Despite this difficult situation, we are trying to create a "farmer-to-farmer" program to help our colleagues from the de-occupied territories. It would be great if farmers from all over the world join our initiatives to help farmers survive this war. And I dream of starting this process together with British farmers", Andriy Dykun says.  

We continue to support Ukraine's economy and work to prevent hunger in Ukraine and the world.

Ukraine will win! 

Press service of Association of milk producers of Ukraine

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